Tracey Cooper

BSc Adult Nursing


Tracey Cooper

Tracey's Story

Becoming a nurse was a dream for Tracey, who has long held a desire to work in a caring profession after losing her mum to cancer at a young age. She chose to pursue that dream at Stirling because of the course’s reputation and the convenience offered by the local campus in Inverness.

The mum of four previously worked in retail but grew to realise that it was time to achieve her ambition of becoming a nurse. Being able to travel from home to and from the campus each day was big help for Tracey as she managed family life with studying.

She said: “One of the best things about studying at Stirling was the friendliness of the tutors – they were always there to provide help and guidance.

“Some of the placements were challenging as they required me to stay away from home at times but my husband encouraged me to keep going and I’ve now achieved my goal! My experience of Stirling was enjoyable and fulfilling, and has made me extremely proud.

“I recently went to my first nursing job interview and I’m delighted to say that I was offered the role and start working as a nurse very soon!”