Billi Allen-Mandeville

MPP Public Policy

United Kingdom

Billi is stood near the loch on campus holding their dissertation

I came to study at the University of Stirling because of the unique Master of Public Policy.  It is the only one of its kind in Scotland and it's been one of the best decisions I've ever made for my education.  

Not only that but I have gained a community.  We have been encouraged by amazing lecturers and professors who have challenged us and built our confidence.  It's been wonderful. I’ve made so many friends. 
I think the best feature of the MPP Public Policy is the freedom that you get to choose  what you enjoy studying. You can really direct your learning.  For example, I chose humanitarian studies, policy evaluation, and research and I got to write and research about Domestic Abuse Policy and the Rwandan Genocide. It really offers you a broad range of topics.  

I've taken part in several internships, but the most recent and the most impactful was with Inclusion Scotland, a disabled people's organisation that encouraged disabled people to get into work through employment opportunities with bodies all over the country. I would recommend an internship to anyone. It helps you decide what you would like to do. For my dissertation, I wrote about disabled women's health inequality and outcomes. I now have a job as a Disability Advocate.