Qitao Zhou

MSc International Business


The University of Stirling has a beautiful landscape and is known as the most beautiful campus in UK. Meanwhile, excellent teaching ability, excellent teachers and friendly classmates are also one of my reasons why I chose the University of Stirling.

Through one year's study in University of Stirling, I not only learned relevant professional knowledge, but also had a profound understanding for learning methods and teamwork. My individual ability has also greatly improved. These benefits will all be good for the development of my future career.

During the course there are a large number of case studies and teamwork which I liked. Case study is helpful for us to transform theoretical knowledge into practical work in the future. Team work can effectively train and enhance our ability concerning team cooperation. This kind of training enables us to integrate into our future work more quickly and effectively improves our employability.

As an outstanding university, the University of Stirling has excellent teachers, modern teaching facilities and rigorous academic requirements. Future students need to study hard, actively participate in teamwork and university’s activities, make full use of their spare time to check information, do the preview before class and review after class, and actively communicate with the teacher to make their study and life in University of Stirling become more substantial and rich.