Rohan Puri

MSc Sport Management


Male Indian student wearing glasses and purple shirt standing in front of a screen displaying football image

Rohan's Story

I was always interested in a Masters in Sports Management. Since the University of Stirling is rated highly for this course and is also Scotland’s University of Sporting Excellence, my decision was an easy one.

The subjects taught in this course cover various aspects of the sports industry which helps the students to have knowledge about various fields.

This course involves various lectures, group assignments, individual assignments – a mix which teaches us various aspects such as time management, cooperation with others, self-discipline, reflective writing and understanding of one’s self.

There are a lot of volunteer opportunities in Scotland, so I did an internship with the Stirling County Rugby Football Club. The more you volunteer, the more experience you get and overall your personality really develops.

The staff are extremely polite, patient, friendly, honest and cooperative. They always respond to all our queries, encourage us to challenge ourselves and go one better, support us to make our work and lives better and easier. They make us see our strengths and weaknesses and tell us how to improve upon them.

And the best part about this course you get to meet people from different nationalities and make friends for a lifetime!