Linh Nguyen

MSc Investment Analysis


I chose the MSc Investment Analysis course at the University of Stirling for my postgraduate education and it was undoubtedly one of my best decisions in my life. As a CFA Program Partner, the course not only provided me with practical professional insights at an international level but also helped me to strengthen my skills such as problem solving, analytical thinking and teamwork, which are significant skills for a young person like me to thrive in any job and quickly adapt to any working environment. In addition, living in Stirling was also a great experience that I can never forget in my life. With picturesque scenery, easy access to other attractive cities in Scotland in particular and the UK in general, Stirling is of course an excellent place to live in the UK.

After graduating with a Distinction and returning to my home country, I was offered various opportunities to work in the finance industry and finally got a very good job at one of the biggest commercial banks in my country, which definitely helps me to pursue my career goal. I also got married with my classmate at Stirling, remembering all the unforgettable memories we had at beautiful Stirling Campus. I would like to thank all the lecturers and staff of Stirling Management School for your enthusiasm and continuous support during my one year studying at the University.