Ashton Robertson

MSc Strategic Public Relations and Communication Management

Ashton's Story

The MSc programme at Stirling prepared me for a career in communications in more ways than I ever expected. Not only were the modules academically challenging and interesting, but the practical applications discussed in class and the network I built with my fellow students have benefited me in my career and my personal life.

The course’s design in moving from theoretical perspectives to practical applications and scenarios prepared me for the kind of critical thinking and skills I need to find a position in communications and to do my job well. I am so glad I found this program — I know I made the right choice.

The portfolio we created in our coursework throughout the year helped me immensely in my job hunt after graduating — I presented my sample communications plan, press releases, and articles to prospective employers, and ended up with my ideal job at a university in the US shortly after graduating. My knowledge of public relations theories, best practices, and history has served me well in my job and helped me to be confident and competent at work.

The instructors put a great deal of effort into making sure that we had every opportunity not only to learn from them, but to gain valuable insights through field trips and seminars with professionals, networking and volunteer opportunities, and practical work placements. I’m so grateful for all the opportunities I had at Stirling, and I recommend the program wholeheartedly to anyone interested in starting (or boosting) a career in public relations.