Pamela Nxumalo

BA (Hons) Film and Media

South Africa

Pamela Nxumalo

Pamela's Story

The University’s international reputation and attractive campus were huge selling points when Pamela decided to study at Stirling.

In particular, she was attracted by the high-quality and is now looking forward to making a positive difference in her future career.

Pamela said: “The media industry is one of the most influential and powerful industries in the world. I always wanted to create content and tell stories but knew I wanted to be behind the scenes and really learn how things work.

“My biggest push was representation and diversity. I want to see more people who look like me – and people who don't look like me. I hope to see more people I've never seen on television being represented.

“It’s important for this industry to reflect the world we live in because, when we step outside our homes, the world does not look just one way, so I want to be a part of a generation of professionals that embrace diversity.

“Film and television can influence behaviours and the way people treat others. We learn about people and places we are not familiar with predominantly through our TV screens, so it's unacceptable that we do not see enough of everyone and everything when we turn our screen on.”

Pamela found a part-time job and joined the Afro-Caribbean society, to help make the most of her university experience. She also received support from the academics who delivered her education.

Pamela said: “I valued the contact and networking opportunities my tutor, Dario Sinforiani, offered us through our interactions with industry professionals.”

With an STV internship to look forward to, Pamela reflected on her time at Stirling as “refreshing, motivating and rewarding”.

Pamela told how she big plans for her career. She said: “I am just trying to apply for as many film and media jobs as possible. I hope to eventually start my own production company, where I can hire a diverse group of individuals who can bring something new and different to the industry.”