Bethan Murdoch

MSc Early Years Practice Health Visiting

Laurence Winram

I had a very supportive personal tutor who is passionate about academia, Health Visiting and improving practice, she pushed me to be better. Her passion was infectious; she made me passionate about what I was studying.

During the year I was studying for my Masters degree I gave birth to my son and lost two close family members. There were times when I seriously considered taking a year break, but in my heart I knew if I did that I wouldn’t go back to complete the course. Without the support of my family, friends and the University of Stirling I wouldn’t have finished the course.

Completing my Masters Degree has made me want to learn more and research more. As a nurse, and now as a Health Visitor I want to be the best that I can be, provide the best care that I can provide but also to help the trainees coming behind me. There are more and more nurses studying toward a Masters Degree which is just fantastic, we are aiming for greater heights and in turn better care. The best way to change or improve the service we provide is to become more knowledgeable in our areas. Sometimes you may think you cannot achieve this but I assure you with hard work you can.