Sercan Sari

LLM International Energy and Environmental Law


Sercan is outside with green leaves behind them

The LLM International Energy and Environmental Law has given me insight into the environmental legislation in the UK, European Union, and internationally. The course has broadened my understanding of complex environmental issues.

The University has its own environmental management plan. They strive to reduce the adverse impact of human activity on the campus’ natural environment. This is a fantastic opportunity for a person studying the environment like me to experience how the modules' content is applied in real life. 

One of the most interesting modules I have taken is Energy Law and Policy. Before taking the module, I did not have any knowledge of energy law and policy. I found it very interesting. We made comparisons among different jurisdictions and tried to get an insight into how energy policies are shaped within those legal systems. I also liked the fact that we were provided with reading materials and presentations by the lecturers about the subject. The teaching staff are very polite, and they always encourage you to participate in discussions and group assignments.

Alongside the quality of the teaching, there are multiple benefits of studying at the University of Stirling. One of them is the picturesque beauty of the campus. You can run or have a brisk walk around the loch, or you can sit on a bench and chill out taking a deep breath while looking out at the Dumyat summit.

Secondly, the University has great facilities for both educational and sporting activities. You can practise most sports while you are studying.

There is also a multicultural and vibrant social environment. You can meet people from all over the world and raise your cultural awareness. There are a wide range of societies that hold interesting events. I am a member of True Crime Society, where we talk about our hometown crime stories and watch TV-series alongside other fun activities. On campus, the University has its own arts centre, where you can watch movies and attend other art-related events. You can also pop into the pub on campus to socialise. So, you do not need to look far to have fun.

I would advise prospective students, especially those who like outdoor sports, to bring with them waterproof and wind-resistant clothing. It’s easy to get used to life here, therefore I do not think you will face problems that cannot be solved.

As a Turkish person, I often miss my national cuisine, and it is something I hear often from my Turkish friends as well. I would suggest bringing along the food you may miss and cannot find here. But this is not a big issue as you can find the ingredients at local shops to cook the food you like.