Adrian Hartley

PhD Marketing


Why I wanted to do a PhD 

I wanted to further expand and improve my professional education and experience within the aquaculture sector; in particular gaining understanding and knowledge of business management skills for successful industry development. A special emphasis was given to marketing and economical tools to achieve profitability and sustainability of the industry. I also wanted to improve my understanding of the industry and its requirements; from production only driven knowledge to a more holistic approach including the business side of it, an aspect often poorly understood or given importance within the industry.

My experience of doing a PhD in Stirling Management School

Studying for a PhD was an eye opener, it also was a great challenge to me as I had to learn and understand the mechanics of a whole new approach of the activity. Extensive effort and work was dedicated to this particular side of the research project with great rewards and learning. I appreciate and recognise the vast experience in the area and knowledge of the subject of my supervisors from whom I learned a lot.

How doing a PhD helped my career

My career has been helped by widening and expanding my professional capacities and therefore expanding the areas within the industry I could get involved in. Gaining a high level of education allowed me to access top-end opportunities and positions with key companies and institutions. It has allowed me to have a balanced mix of production, business and research capacities.