Linda Axelsson

BA (Hons) Human Resource Management


Linda Axelsson

The first thing that I noticed about the University of Stirling was the beautiful campus, it stood out amongst other Universities. I love being surrounded by nature, so the campus drew me to Stirling initially. But it was the course flexibility, the opportunity to go on a study abroad placement and student feedback that made the decision easy for me.

During my studies I have been able to tailor my degree according to my career goals and explore areas such as Psychology and Economics that I would not have been able to at other Universities. The course has both professional and experienced lecturers who have worked in the industry, which allows for real life examples and career advice.

The support and guidance from staff and the vast amount of opportunities to get involved with activities and roles on Campus were a real benefit to studying at Stirling. Stirling has not only equipped me with the knowledge I need but I feel a lot more confident in myself and my abilities now. I think this is the main reason I managed to secure a 2-year Graduate Scheme following my studies.

Stirling is truly a great place to study and I have never regretted coming here!