Muhammad Chowdhury

MRes Business and Management


I chose the University of Stirling because I felt confident about its teaching quality.  The course seemed a perfect match and met my expectations and the teaching staff seemed fantastic - they were highly qualified in their respected fields.

My MRes course was rigorous and well-structured.  The course focused on the core aspects of management research.  I am currently employed as an academic and corporate consultant.  I now feel better equipped to pursue my doctoral level research work, which I was not very confident about before doing my Master of Research in Stirling.  In my commercial career as a corporate consultant, it will help me to gain more confidence in strategic planning and decision making for the companies I do consultancy for.

Stirling provides an excellent academic and research environment and facilities where students can be assured of getting a degree from a world class, well-recognised university, while at the same time enjoying one of the most beautiful campuses in the world.  The city of Stirling itself is a marvellous place to live in. During my stay in Stirling I got to find out more about the Scottish people, their culture and heritage, and also met many international students.  I had a fantastic experience in Stirling and my expectation was fulfilled completely.