Constantinos Constantinou

BSc (Hons) Computing Science


Photograph of student Constantinos Constantinou

The first thing that attracted me was the campus of course, when I saw the pictures in Google I was very impressed! Also, at the same time I was attracted from the ranking of the university for the Computing Science courses.

As a result of studying at Stirling, I have made many new friends, built a global professional network, improved my language skills, enjoyed an amazing campus full of friendly people as well as the wildlife and nature around the campus. I love the practical material that University provides us with, which I think is the best way to learn anything about computing. My degree provides summer placements for students and there is a lot of preparation for the future career during the four years of studying, which I think will have a great impact to my future career.

I think that anyone considering to study at Stirling, will benefit from a high-quality teaching, the small class sizes, the flexible courses, a beautiful city in a close location from the university, the sport facilities and, of course, the stunning campus.