Sarah Santosh

MSc Education


Sarah smiling

Before coming to the UK and starting the MSc Education course, Sarah worked as a preschool teacher in India for eight years.

The University of Stirling’s diverse and international student cohort and its strong credentials as a leader in research excellence in the field of education, are some of the reasons Sarah chose to study at the University of Stirling.

Sarah says: ”The course is a real eye-opener; it allows me to dive deep into global education policies and their impact on various cultures and the international education system. I find it fascinating and relevant. Who knows, one day I might be a policymaker myself.”

Since graduating, Sarah’s goal is to find work with an educational institution where she can put her learnings into practice.

“Studying here is like filling up a treasure box. This is like the foundation that is being built for my future dream which is to work for the development of children from the less privileged background in my country.

After graduating, my goal is to find work with an educational institution where I can put my learnings into practice. The research and leadership skills that I will be acquiring during my term will be of great value in shaping the policies of any institution.”