Lara Adamson

BSc (Hons) Management


Lara Adamson smiling

Having grown up in Dubai, Lara decided to relocate, choosing Scotland as her destination of study. With the aim to pursue a career in business, Stirling’s degree options as well as the University campus helped her decide.

“Stirling had one element that I really didn’t see across other Scottish institutions that interested me - a fully functional campus environment. Everything that a student could need was available on campus such as a grocery store, pharmacy, and doctor’s office. This made it feel like a more safe, relaxed and peaceful environment, which was important to me as I was moving away from home for the first time.”

Lara especially enjoyed the flexibility that Stirling’s degrees offer, saying:

“…Being able to choose additional modules alongside my core modules really helped me study what I was interested in and ultimately led to me enjoying my degree a lot more than I would have if I hadn’t had as much flexibility. I especially liked that you could study modules from other faculties so that you really had the best learning experience possible. In my case, I was able to study Law, Sociology and Economics in the first two years of my degree.”

The wide range of clubs and societies, from sports to languages to performing arts, benefitted Lara’s time at Stirling and helped her make lifelong friends. As well as social clubs, the staff at Stirling made Lara’s learning experience “truly enjoyable and rewarding”. 

She said: “The teaching and support staff in the Stirling Management School are experts in their fields and their incredible level of expertise truly was inspiring and instrumental to my success during my degree. The teaching staff were incredibly helpful and provided excellent feedback on assignments.”

Having graduated with a first-class honours degree, Lara is set on pursuing a career in Project Management. 

“…Studying at Stirling allowed me to figure out what I wanted to do in my career. In my third year, I studied a Project Management module that I really enjoyed. The teaching staff on the module were incredible and inspiring, and the mixture of lectures and assignments eventually led me to decide that Project Management is something I wanted to pursue as a career option.”

“To pursue a career in project management specifically, I realised I would most likely need a PMQ qualification, and this is what I am currently studying for on an apprenticeship programme with a well-known bank. I wouldn’t have been able to get into this career path had I not chosen to study at Stirling, and I will be forever grateful for the staff who encouraged me and supported me throughout my university career.” 

Lara has recently hosted a guest lecture for the current Project Management students, an opportunity that she attributes to the professional connections with staff that she established whilst working as a Faculty Officer for the Stirling Management School during her time at the University.