Robert Leck

BA (Hons) Economics and Finance

United Kingdom

Robert Leck

I was looking for a university that had a flexible course and a high-performance sport programme. At Stirling, I found that I could play my sport to a high level while fully engaging with my studies. I had heard good things about the management school and the teaching quality specifically, and this was decisive in choosing Stirling. After visiting the campus, my mind was made up.

Studying at Stirling allowed me to pursue a wide range of interests and engage with new ideas and meet new people. Listening to debates and speeches on campus helped develop my own views as I encountered a broad range of perspectives. Playing sport for the university allowed me to have a schedule packed with training and learning without having to give up one of them. Stirling is a great learning and training environment, which makes even the longest days rewarding.

The ability to take a joint honours degree was highly beneficial. I was able to select a wide range of modules that interest me. The crossover between the two subjects meant I could draw on methods from each.

The best piece of advice I could give to prospective students is to think about what sort of environment you learn best in. Personally, I was soon able to settle into Stirling’s warm environment. Being a moderately sized city, all the historic sites are readily accessible and are a must see. It really helped that I did my research about what clubs and societies I wanted to join so I was able to get started right at the beginning. Especially if you’re interested in sport, Stirling is a great place to live and study.

Stirling has been great for me because I have been able to learn new skills and build relationships with like-minded people. I took leadership positions and have grown more comfortable in problem-solving situations. I know that employers are looking for these skills and experiences, so it has not only boosted my CV but given me the tools to excel. I will be building on my undergraduate degree by pursuing a Masters in the same subject. My degree has opened doors for me that were simply not available beforehand. The key thing that my degree has given me is an idea of what my future career will actually be!