Dave Cameron

Work and Leadership in the Age of AI

United Kingdom

Dave Cameron

This course offered an opportunity for a deep dive into the ethical, human, and social effects of AI, in the good company of other curious students and practicing researchers. Completing this course has boosted my own confidence that, aged 66, I can still handle research and reasoning tasks and that my practical experience can help inform a contemporary debate. It has helped ‘keep my pencil sharp’.

Full online delivery meant I had pretty much the full resources of Stirling university in my own home… library, tutors, peers all available through ‘Canvas’.

One piece of advice would be to make sure you have enough time available (even part-time, 10 hours per week is surprisingly hard to find!) and make sure you are prepared for the post-grad mode of study, critical thinking, and the nuanced language of social science literature.

I feel I’m now much better placed to discuss ethical, human, and social factors with clients who commission technical systems design work.