Morgan Simpson

MSc Earth and Planetary Observation


Morgan Simpson

I really enjoy the feeling of being involved when you’re on the course and my lecturers provide that easily. The staff care and check how you’re getting on and what you’re up to on other aspects of the coursework.

During the course I’ve enjoyed the hands-on experience with the earth observation software, as well as learning about in-field techniques for taking measurements. I have also enjoyed the added ability to be involved with work outside of the Masters course, such as the Copernicus Accelerator project that we were involved with this year.

The facilities at Stirling are great. You’ll be provided with a fun course and high-level equipment to use. The course has already provided plenty of knowledge for me to use in real-world situations. The use of industrial standard software as well as learning how to use proper scientific equipment ‘in the field’ also adds to all of the useful knowledge gained. The staff are always friendly and willing to help, as well as providing lectures and practicals that are fun but also challenging, allowing you to push yourself.