Rohit Kumar

MSc Business and Management


Rohit Kumr MSc Business and Management

Rohit's Story

The global reputation of the University of Stirling Management School attracted me to the MSc Business and Management course. The infrastructural, as well as the knowledge and resources provided by the University, are fabulous for your overall development. The provision of sports and fitness by the University, as well as their love and support for international students also attracted me. Furthermore, the location of the University in Stirling makes the most of what central Scotland has to offer.

Completing my studies at the University of Stirling developed both my personality as well as my professional life. Group study allowed me to interact with others, which was one of the best parts of the course and I felt aided my personal development. I was also really pleased with the availability of all the study materials in the library, as well as the guidance from staff in the daily lecture sessions and the ease of arranging meetings with the lecturers. The challenges and the interactions on the course boosted my self-confidence and I’ve been very satisfied with respect the support provided by all the staff in the University, especially the Career and Employability services.

I’ll never forget the hospitality and scenic beauty on offer in Stirling. If you were thinking about applying, my advice would be to just stop worrying, pack your bags and book the travel tickets. The experiences, as well as expenses, are very much reasonable and worth. My memories with this university will never fade and I would love to come to the University of Stirling again in future.