Marie Briguglio

PhD Economics (Currently enrolled)


Why I wanted to do a PhD

Following the completion of an MSc Environmental Economics at UCL, I immediately started working in Environmental Policy. I was increasingly intrigued by the importance of framing and communication of policy. I had a huge appetite for reading around this topic and increasingly stumbled upon the field of Behavioural Economics. I realised it was time to go back to school after 20 years in the field.

My experience of doing a PhD in the Behavioural Science Centre

Best thing about the Behavioural Science Centre is the possibility of interacting with experts in both Economics and Psychology. As a part-time PhD student, I find the flexibility to work from home whilst being shored up by the excellent blog to be extremely helpful. I also like the model of starting work immediately on publishable papers - you hit the ground running.

How doing a PhD in Economics is helping my career

Half way through the PhD, I was offered a resident position at the University of Malta, which I took up, effectively changing my career path completely. With Behavioural Economics, I am also able to contribute to a wider range of policy issues and have been involved in a number of research, consultancy and communication projects.