Akhil Rawal

BAcc (Hons) Accountancy and Economics


Akhil Rawal - India

Stirling Management School's high rankings for the course that I'd chosen greatly influenced my decision. Secondly, I wanted to be a chartered accountant and the exemptions available from some ICAEW exams was a major reason for doing this course.

I have dyspraxia and at Stirling I was assessed by an educational psychologist and provided with full support from the Learning Support team. This not only allowed me to manage my condition but to thrive. I was provided with equipment together with techniques to allow me to concentrate on studying rather than worrying about how I could write down my knowledge in the required time allocated.

One of the best aspects of the course was how interactive the tutorials were and I found these really useful and hugely beneficial to my learning. Also, the variety of different assignments, which mirror actual projects that would be required in the workplace, are great in preparing students for a job in the real world that lies ahead.

Stirling provides Olympic-level sporting facilities which allow you to be involved in the sporting side of the university. It helped me make a huge number of new friends from across the globe.

As I want to be a chartered accountant the degree has equipped me with the skills I need to do this. I secured an ICAEW training contract at a London, West End based firm of chartered accountants. The firm specialises in the creative sector which is an area I'm really keen to be involved in as I worked at an advertising agency during semester holidays.

The four years that I have spent at the University of Stirling have flown by. I have most definitely made the most of the opportunities on offer, resulting in achieving a first class honours degree. I’ve made new friends and shared some of my best memories with them. The time I've spent at the University of Stirling is a period of my life that I'll always look back on very fondly.