Ya-Yun (Jennifer) Cheng

MSc Business and Management


It gave me the chance to meet lots of great people, and I have enjoyed learning about different cultures. Moreover, Stirling provides a very good learning environment, which helped to increase my English ability as well as my employability.

All the activities that I undertook during this year, helped me to enhance my understanding of how to apply the academic theories to practical business. In particular, the consultancy project has provided me with the opportunity to gain more knowledge than I expected. This experience was very unforgettable which I could not learn from the modules.

Ya-Yun (Jennifer)'s Story

Ya-Yun (Jennifer) Cheng from Taiwan graduated in 2016 with an MSc Business and Management. She is now working as a sales administrator at ASUS Computer. In her role she plans shipping schedules, manages purchase order requirements, and ensures on time deliveries to meet customer needs.