Kerstin Hansen

MSc Behavioural Science for Management


Having a business background, I developed a strong interest in human decision-making processes and which psychological factors influence those processes. This is the reason why I decided to study for the Masters in Behavioural Science for Management.  During my studies at Stirling, I developed really strong academic and analytical skills and learned how to handle, collect and also interpret large amounts of data. The psychological knowledge that is transferred to students from renowned researchers is highly relevant and applicable to everyday life.

The small classes and ratio of staff to students provides you with the opportunity to discuss ideas, thoughts and concerns in great detail and makes the study experience really intense. In addition, the administrative staff of the Management School were always very supportive.  One piece of advice I would give new students is to bring a pair of wellington boots with you!

The company I am working for is currently making radical changes to their structures and work processes where I can use my psychological knowledge to support the upper management level to productively manage change.