Phuoc Nguyen Ngoc

PhD in Aquaculture


There were students from all over the world in my year. This was a great social and learning experience in itself. The staff support systems were excellent.

The University of Stirling has so much to offer prospective students. I very much doubt any other university can boast such inspiring accommodation and sports facilities, offering several activities to suit everyone. The library was great and run by friendly people who were always willing to help me. And, of course, Scotland (generally) and Stirling city (particularly) is very peaceful and beautiful.

After four years of study in Stirling, I returned to my country and continued my work teaching and studying aquaculture. I applied all my latest knowledge and I learnt to improve my skills in teaching and research.

After completing my PhD at Stirling, I also received a promotion. Since February 2015 I have been a Vice Dean of the Faculty of Fishery, Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry, in charge of international cooperation and scientific research. At present, I am a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Fishery. I am privileged to continue in my chosen field of aquatic microbiology, developing sustainable aquaculture in Vietnam.

Phuoc's Story

Dr Phuoc Nguyen Ngoc from Vietnam studied a PhD in Aquaculture, graduating in 2014. He also successfully secured a Vietnamese scholarship for postgraduate study to help fund his studies. He is now a Senior Lecturer and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Fishery at Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry.