Salman Jabbar

MBA Master Business Administration

United Kingdom

Salman Jabbar

With Stirling being my hometown and having lived here for most of my life, I have always had a fond affiliation with the city. When I approached the University to consider pursuing my MBA, I was immediately drawn to the beautiful and vibrant campus, the approachable and well reputed staff and the innovative course structure, which strongly aligned with my own vision.

The University attracts students globally, providing for you the privilege of working with diverse cultural backgrounds, experiences and working styles, which is a great replication of the modern business world. The top-rated campus and facilities provide a unique and comfortable environment, which I found motivated me. The city is perfectly located, being in central Scotland, and is a short train ride from major cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, whilst also being a gateway to explore the Scottish Highlands.

The course is designed in a way which not only provides you with a great foundation of business modules but also focusses on the development of you as a person and future leader, manager and innovator. This is achieved through the variety of teaching formats, consistent networking with senior executives from public and private sectors, continuous self-reflection and personal time investment by the faculty. I felt the course allowed me to develop a creative edge to manage change, understand sustainability and strategic thinking in the context of multiple business settings. 

The University is very multi-cultural, approachable and welcoming so do not hesitate to communicate your questions and/or concerns to the course directors or lecturers in advance. The MBA in particular is all about networking and going beyond your comfort zone, so be proactive and engage fully with the MBA journey. Visit the campus, if possible, or utilise the array of social media platforms which are full of useful information and student experiences. Most importantly, understand your personal and professional development goals from day one and consider how the potential learnings and experiences of an MBA at Stirling can help progress you to a better version of yourself.

I am currently employed as a general surgeon working in the National Health Service within the West of Scotland. I strongly believe that the MBA has enhanced my skills and given me the knowledge and tools necessary to understand the health system from a business perspective. Moreover, in an environment where competition is fierce, I believe an MBA is the augmenting factor which will set me apart from others in my cohort. Beyond my career as a surgeon, there are multiple opportunities to broaden my career progression into areas such as medical leadership and management helping me work towards making a positive impact in the development of the ecosystem and efficiency of the health service.

I truly believe the University of Stirling is a great choice for a postgraduate business degree. The nature of the campus and staff support the mindset of mature professionals who are keen and academia focused. The scenic campus provides a wonderful backdrop for adjusting to life in Scotland and helps with peace of mind when working on challenging postgraduate projects. The MBA course, from my experience, provides invaluable skills and gives you the opportunity to meet great, equally ambitious and friendly people as part of one’s cohort and the teaching itself is very inclusive. Overall, the MBA has upscaled my level of knowledge and thinking and thanks to the University of Stirling, it has been a memorable journey and has broadened my personal and professional network.