Larissa Schulder

BA History and Politics


Larissa Schulder

The University offers new opportunities to meet people from all over the world and get acquainted with different cultures and languages. This was very appealing to me. Additionally, I was impressed by the campus environment and the natural surroundings.  

Studying history at Stirling gives you the opportunity to connect with the lecturers/tutors as well as your fellow students. This enhances the overall learning experience. You really feel part of the community. There is always someone to help. You can get all the support you need, from academic or mental health to study skills support.

I enjoyed the variety of optional modules in this course which enabled me to study subjects that I have not considered before. Some examples of what you were able to study included Scottish medieval history, modern Central and Eastern European history or the rise and fall of Empires in the modern period. The lecturers were great at explaining their courses and making them very interesting. There was a plethora of resources accessible and available through the library or online for the modules I studied.

My experience was so positive that I decided to study a Masters in Historical Research at Stirling.