Kirsty McKay

MSc International Conflict and Cooperation

Having previously studied at Stirling and thoroughly enjoyed it, coming back here to do a Master’s was the obvious choice. Having been able to live overseas after finishing an honours degree in History, I had developed an interest in public health in developing countries, particularly HIV transmission. I was looking specifically for a course that would afford me the flexibility to study something I was interested in academically and to combine that with a personal interest.

I emailed the course Director at Stirling and wasn’t surprised by the warm reception my enquiry received. I had approached other Universities and had been passed from pillar to post – a reminder to me of the advantage of a smaller university, where staff and students can interact.

I thoroughly enjoyed studying within the History and Politics department and for my degree dissertation I combined the issues of HIV transmission and conflict. While the subject matter was harrowing, I received invaluable support, guidance and encouragement from staff to produce a strong piece of work that would be of interest to prospective employers.

The course structure, including presentations, report writing and briefing papers, certainly served as a refresher and helped me to hone skills that I now use on an almost daily basis within my current position.

I work in Community Safety as a National Training Officer and while I am currently based in Scotland, I hope that the skills and the experiences I acquired at Stirling will help me to work overseas in the future.

Would I recommend this course and/or the University of Stirling? Yes – without a doubt.