Ye (Ray) Yang

MSc Investment Analysis


Even the most positive adjective is not enough to describe the Investment Analysis programme. All I know is that choosing the programme was the best choice I could have made. It is incredible that I came to Stirling knowing nothing at all about investments and left that heavenly town with all of the knowledge I needed to embark on a career in that industry.

As other classmates have pointed out the programme is well-structured and industry-relevant. The wide content coverage, emphasis on both practice and academic research and first-class teaching staff are the key ingredients for the programme's success.

I didn't fully realise the benefit of the programme until I obtained the job as a Pension Trustee in one of the top trust companies in China. The trustee plays an essential part in the proper running of pension schemes. The job requires me to assess and select custodian banks and investment managers for our institutional clients, communicate with their investment consultants and draft guidance for investment managers. In the very first project my colleagues, who graduated from top universities in China and abroad, all marveled at my capacity to discuss all kinds of topics from accounting, fixed-income investment to excel modeling in detail along with the ability to present to clients the firm's services in a professional manner and what's more, in fluent English!

I gained the IMC certificate while in Stirling, passed CFA Level 1 and am preparing for CFA level II this year. The programme has certainly saved me a great deal of time in the preparation, especially when China's pension industry keeps thriving and my work demands more and more hours.

There's so much to say about the Investment Analysis programme and I could never exhaust my words of praise and gratitude towards the Accounting and Finance Division and the University. On behalf of all my friends who have benefited from the Investment Analysis programme I thank all the staff who work so hard to continue the programme's development and international recognition. We're amazed at what you have done and proud of the University of Stirling!