Nikita Groshev

MSc Finance


Having graduated from Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia and having some six year’s work experience in finance and accounting in Russia, I decided to bring my career path at an international level. My choice to undertake Stirling’s MSc Finance was chiefly driven by the course’s content, where all the modules fit exceptionally the modern world of finance. Also, my decision was based on recommendations that had been given by professionals who specifically had stressed the well-known international reputation of the teaching staff. Last but not least, the fabulous campus and Stirling town, steeped in history, made my choice by no means difficult and lengthy.

I entered the University of Stirling in October 2004 brimming with excitement and expectations that were subsequently lived up to. I enjoyed deepening my understanding of finance from an international perspective while acquiring a wealth of knowledge. This ranged from, for example, types of financial instruments used in modern finance to how the international markets function. Equally important, the campus including the outstanding sport facilities and landscape landmarks as well as the MacRobert Centre with its sheer range of films and entertainment helped to pursue quite an eventful life.

Having graduated from the University of Stirling, I joined in 2006 the London based hedge fund Titanium Capital, working on its operational side. My daily responsibilities encompass managing the fund settlements of equities, options, foreign exchange and distressed bonds. I also undertake the daily management of Corporate Events covering Rights Issues, Stock Dividends, Takeovers and Mergers, tracking interest claims and cash movements through trade life cycle of Distressed loan assets and P&L accounts’ administration. The role has given to me an exceptional opportunity to put my knowledge into practice, understanding how different investment strategies are used in the quest for absolute returns given a chosen level of risk. Furthermore, the international character of the company’s team with a wealth of expertise ranging across business sectors and geographies is an ideal environment to further my career path, now at international level.

Studying at the University of Stirling has given to me a priceless and memorable experience of thriving on new challenges and adapting myself culturally. I have no hesitations to recommend Stirling as the exceptional place to study and broaden your horizons.