Mohamed Rabie

PhD Marketing

Saudi Arabia

Why I wanted to do a PhD

There are many reasons why people think about studying for a PhD. Some relate to ambitions while others relate to securing a job. In my case, through my academic experience for about 15 years as Teaching Assistant I found that I should achieve something significant. I have decided to challenge myself for new heights and achieve a difficult goal. A PhD was this target to improve my experience, to explore and learn new things about my academic field.

My experience of doing a PhD in Stirling Management School

Studying at Stirling Management School was special to me. As during my study I have gained a lot of knowledge about how to do research and how to be a good researcher. Stirling Management School provides different workshops and seminars which are very useful for students, especially PhD students. Stirling Management School provides a good chance for PhD students to do some teaching which is perfect as an academic experience.

How doing a PhD helped my career

Having a PhD has improved my abilities to understand and solve problems, increase my confidence, make myself a better communicator and gain skills that can lead to a better position. The PhD helped me to explore and learn new research skills and techniques as well as improved my critical thinking. The PhD helped me to improve my career as I’m now working as Marketing Lecturer in Egypt.