Julie Reekie

MSc Psychology (Conversion Course)

After twenty years as a successful business executive in the hospitality industry, I decided to make a major shift in my chosen career profession towards Psychology and long-term in the service of mental health and wellbeing. 

Having come from a completely different academic background in the humanities, I knew what I wanted was a firm base of foundational knowledge in the science of Psychology along with the opportunity to develop the skills which would allow me to put that knowledge into practice.  Having been out of academic life for nearly two decades, it was important that the University I choose to partner with offered the support and flexibility to help me readjust to academic life as well as offering the necessary tools to help me succeed.   

I choose to pursue my MSc Psychology (conversion course) at the University of Stirling because it not only fulfilled the foundational knowledge I was seeking, but because of the stellar reputation of the quality of its research.  After touring the campus and meeting with the academic staff, I was impressed not only with the its academic credentials but the atmosphere of the campus, the beauty of the location, the intimacy and camaraderie of the MSc lounge, which allowed the students to bond and the conditions of learning to flourish and thrive.

Having now completed all the requirements for my course of study, I can truly say the quality of the teaching and the experience of the staff and students of the Psychology Division far exceeded my expectations.  All the fertile groundwork for learning and growth were there: from weekly seminars given by visiting experts from across the spectrum of Psychological disciplines, to the amazing and helpful office staff in the Psychology Division, to the accessibility and encouragement of the staff to pursue the questions and passions which developed naturally during my course of study. 

I made the choice to pursue the challenge of a Masters in Psychology, but in the end the University of Stirling high standards gifted me with a quality education and an experience that developed skills in me beyond what I could have hoped for. For me, the University of Stirling was a perfect match and the quality of education I received is deeply appreciated and valued.  I give the highest recommendation to the University of Stirling, and the staff and students of the Psychology Division.