Albin Thomas

MSc Data Science for Business


Albin Thomas

Albin's Story

The main reason I chose Stirling was this postgraduate course, which was ideal for upskilling my career. Also, because of its location and affordability, the University of Stirling had better reviews

When I started at Stirling, I was a seasoned IT professional. I had almost 6 years of experience in the IT industry and believed that obtaining a Masters in Data Science would benefit my future career. I was fortunate to get a part-time job in my field of work while studying for my Masters degree, which increased my exposure to UK work culture.

The most intriguing aspect of the subject is that it is one of the most important skill sets that everyone should possess. This course is specifically designed for anyone just starting out in analytics, and it is a mix of management to perfectly balance it. The majority of the coursework was both interesting and challenging.

The Masters course had students from various countries, creating a multicultural environment. During my time in Stirling, I had numerous opportunities to make new friends.

I applied for part-time work to gain experience working in the UK before finishing my Masters. During my studies, I worked in a London-based start-up company. I assumed that this would easily help me get a full-time job after finishing my Masters degree because it will demonstrate my work history and adaptability to the UK work culture. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to be assigned to a company that was sourced by the university to complete my dissertation project.

I am confident that the experiences I have gained throughout my studies will shape my future career.