Sree Latha Kakarla

MSc Data Science for Business


Sree Latha Kakarla

I chose Stirling because of its ranking and ratings and because it is located in the heart of the Scotland, which is my one of the favourite places. I loved campus after watching a video on YouTube.

Prior to joining Stirling I was working in IT and planning to do a Masters in data science. This particular course has business as a subject throughout which definitely fit my experience and background. I have experience as a Business Analyst, so I thought this course would add to my profile as it is mix of data analysis, modelling and business.

I have enjoyed the data analytics and statistics the most, relating it to real time scenarios. I believe the international exposure and soft skills module has been beneficial. It will definitely help me to get into an internationally renowned organisation where I can apply my data skills.

I chose a consultancy project, which was unpaid internship during summer. I also recently applied for a Diageo internship and was successful. Career support from the Uni is lifetime support, which is unlike any other Universities.

I am really happy and satisfied with the choice I made to pursue my masters. This is one of the best Universities to learn new cultures and make friends from different parts of the world. I will definitely miss the serene campus environment once I finish my course.