Vinod Kumar Sudan

MSc Big Data


vinod sudan

Vinod Kumar's Story

After previously studying computing and a Masters of Business Administration, Vinod Kumar Sudan was working with IBM India when he decided to further his knowledge with an MSc Big Data at Stirling.

“During my time at IBM, I came into contact with different professionals and I came to learn about Big Data, the amount of data available, and how it can affect business.This inspired me and I started searching for courses.

“It was during this time that I was fortunate to meet the International and Postgraduate Recruitment Manager at Stirling. He really inspired and motivated me to pursue this course.”

During his course, Vinod completed an internship as a data Scientist at SAS, Research & Development in Glasgow. As part of the internship, Vinod developed a human resource ‘chatbot’ that understands human interactions using natural language processing and natural language understanding. The interactive application generates results from a database to meet users’ needs. Vinod described this opportunity as an “extraordinary experience”.

Reflecting on his year at Stirling, Vinod said: “I really valued the knowledge of the professors and their way of teaching and supporting the students. “I believe this experience has been extremely beneficial in developing my personal and professional skills, and I believe this qualification could take my career to a new level.”“My time at Stirling was knowledgeable, beautiful and fun.”

Vinod, 30, who has spent time travelling across Scotland, is now living in Glasgow and is seeking employment as a data scientist.