Jenni Cook

BA Secondary Education with History and Politics


I was attracted to Stirling due to the 4 year combined course offered, allowing me to study my subjects (history and politics) alongside my teaching degree. The school experiences are full on and being able to split them up over the four years rather than crammed into a one year post grad was a big factor in my decision to go to the University of Stirling.

I enjoyed the building up of teaching, so working from micro-teaching with maybe 10 pupils, to a full classroom. Teaching your first full class is a daunting experience and having that gradual build helped me greatly in building my confidence.

I found the subject seminars the most use and would have liked to have had more of them in the earlier years of the education course. It's great being able to mix with other people doing the same as you, and also gain knowledge and advice from the experienced subject-specific tutors at Stirling.

If I were to give advice it would be explore as many teaching strategies as you can whilst at University be as creative as you like, and reflect on these, what could you do improve or adapt it and also the successes. The successes get you through the more challenging times so make sure always to reflect on what was successful! Finally keep everything you use, and share resources with fellow students. Creating a bank of resources early on will help you in the future.

I am currently teaching history at a secondary school in the Scottish Borders, absolutely loving dream career.