Tamer Elshandidy

PhD Accounting and Finance


Why I wanted to do a PhD

Having a PhD was always my life’s dream; I have worked very hard to make that dream become a reality. 

My experience of doing a PhD in Stirling Management School

I have to admit that I was fortunate in pursuing my PhD study at the University of Stirling where I found, from day one, an extremely supportive environment from supervisors, academic staff, colleagues, and administrative staff. It was obvious to me that there was a friendly atmosphere both in the school and in the division where it was always a pleasure to talk to the members of the staff from the different areas of research. My supervisors gave me unlimited support and encouragement to attend and present my work at many recognisable conferences. This helped me greatly to build a strong network from which I took advantage of the opportunities to co-operate with other academics who were interested in similar research areas.

Also, I still remember the Wednesday afternoon seminars which gave me the opportunity to listen to many distinguished academics in accounting and finance who came from either the UK or from Europe. The University of Stirling’s outstanding campus is another factor which gave an unforgettable experience during my two and half years there.  

How doing a PhD has helped my career

Obtaining my PhD has helped me to begin my academic career as a Lecturer in Accounting at the University of Bristol’s School of Economics, Finance and Management. Additionally, my PhD has helped me tremendously to lay a solid foundation for my future.