Fiona Jayne Smith

BAcc (Hons) Accountancy and Finance

United Kingdom

Fiona Smith

The University is set in a stunning location and the atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming. In a way, the University of Stirling chose me. Having been out of education for several years and with my previous experience of education being “patchy,” I was far from an ideal candidate. However, the University of Stirling recognised my potential and offered me a place.

The campus is close-knit and students get to know and support each other relatively easily. The Student Hub is the place to go for additional support and advice, with excellent, well-trained and friendly staff who are keen to help. During my studies I experienced family difficulties and was diagnosed with dyslexia. Student Services could not have been more helpful in arranging support in both of these situations. I am extremely grateful for the assistance the University has provided. As a mature student I was nervous about the age difference between myself and my peers but I found that when I interacted with them I really had nothing to worry about and I have made some firm friends. Age is really just a number.

I have found the Careers Services very helpful and comprehensive, ranging from CV writing to interview practice to boost employability. The careers fairs have been interesting and there has been the opportunity to speak with employers and recent graduates to gain more insight into potential career opportunities

As a result of the opportunities at Stirling my confidence in myself and my abilities has grown year on year. I’ve met a wide range of people - students, lecturers and staff – which has enabled me to develop strong social relationships. There are so many sports clubs, societies and student roles to get involved in which I have found to be a great way to meet people, develop my interests and skills, add to my CV and have fun with! I’ve enjoyed the roles of class representative, club secretary, club president and student ambassador.

Stirling has provided me with qualifications that far exceed my original expectations.

I liked the lecturers from my course - without a doubt! All the lecturers inject their personality into their teaching making their subject interesting and engaging. As long as you are willing to put the effort in they will do everything in their power to help and support you. I would not have achieved all that I have without their continued advice and unstinting support.

Fear is natural when you are taking a new step but it is also part of the adventure. At Stirling there are loads of exciting opportunities.  I would definitely recommend that new students get involved from the outset by joining some of the clubs and societies. It’s a brilliant way to have fun and get to know people with similar interests but it is also a way of trying out new possibilities. Be warned though – if your experience is anything like mine, your 4 years will fly by!