Kevin Carter

BA (Hons) Social Work

I worked as a full-time social worker and then became a Senior Practitioner in 2005. I  was heavily involved in continuous professional development and local practice including development of group work programmes.  I have remained involved in ongoing research and development of practice with sexual offending , domestic abuse and young people in transition. In June 2009 I obtained the post of Acting Team Manager in Criminal Justice, before moving to the post of Acting Youth Justice Manager in Children and Families in November 2009. In  February 2010 I obtained  my current post of Youth Justice Manager. I remain actively involved in various ongoing strategic developments both at a government and local level in terms of Preventing Offending by Young People, alternatives to secure care and custody, and the ongoing development of practice-based issues. I remain actively involved with the University of Stirling both as an External Marker and Practice Assessor and this has clearly allowed me to continue to enhance my own personal and professional development in social work.

Kevin Carter Social Work BA (Hons), graduated 2000. Currently working for West Lothian Council in a career in criminal justice.