Jannes Peemoller

MSc International Business


Stirling came recommended as an excellent city to live as a student. Stirling has provided me with the skills necessary for a successful business career in an international environment. Having peers from all over the world allows you to step out of your personal boundaries and experience what a real international workplace will be like and provides you with confidence for the future. With the international environment you soon become a cohesive group that engages in activities outside the coursework which offers interesting insights in cultures from all around the world.

The Msc. in International Business is a programme designed to enrich students with a wide background of business in a diverse environment. It is a unique way to learn the skills needed to succeed in an international job environment. Thanks to the IB program I landed a well-paid job that will allow me to travel the world as soon as I am finished with my masters. I recommend this course for anybody who wants an international career path after graduation.