Anupama Gadicherla

MSc Dementia Studies


Anupama Gadicherla

Anupama's Story

After her husband was diagnosed with early-onset dementia, Anupama was determined to learn more about the condition. Able to secure a scholarship, she started studying from her native India.

Anupama said: “I wanted to understand what my husband was going through so I could care for him better. Stirling had the best-designed course, covering compelling subjects that I knew would help increase my knowledge.”

Studying over three years, Anupama overcame a number of challenges to complete her course.

She said: “My knowledge on dementia was purely through first-hand experience. I was way behind my fellow students and probably put in double the hours, while caring for my husband and, as the main breadwinner, working full-time.

“The death of my father, and the end-of-life stage leading to the death of my husband in my final year, took an emotional toll. The teaching staff were hugely supportive.”

Following graduation, Anupama has plans to open a care home. She said: “I want to use my knowledge to create a one-of-a-kind experience for those in need.”