Scott Warrender

BA (Hons) Sport Business Management

United Kingdom

Scott Warrender

I have a keen interest in Sport, and wishing to pursue a degree in Sport, it made sense to choose the University of Stirling as it is one of, if not the, best University in the UK for sport and it has a high reputation for sporting excellence.

I liked that the lectures and seminars are varied with both large and small class sizes. Every lecture/seminar was also different and interactive with the use of quizzes, videos, and group tasks incorporated into the traditional lecturing style class.

When students first arrive at the University they are allocated a personal tutor who is your go-to person during your studies if you have any concerns. I would meet with my tutor at least once every semester, and it really made the entire four year process smooth and made me feel at ease. This was a real plus point for the University in my opinion.

I would recommend choosing Stirling. The University has a variety of courses and a diverse range of students on campus. Everything about the University is geared towards giving every student the best possible chance of success. I feel honoured to now have a degree from such a highly reputable University.