Domenico Di Stefano

MSc Data Science for Business


The innovative and successful structure of the course was exactly what I was looking for: the combination of data science, analytics and business has been crucial for pursuing my studies in the University of Stirling. Moreover, the good reputation of the Management School inspired me to join an international environment which could let me make the difference. Also, the beauty of the campus and its facilities were pivotal for my decision to start a new exciting adventure in Stirling.

The University of Stirling has excellent professors and professionals who are keen to ensure people develop and excel in the academic and professional world. The staff helped me to grow as a person developing my soft skills and creating a great network of contacts across the most important industries in the UK and abroad. 

I found the structure of the assessments to be very efficient and practical.  They include a lot of group work and reports, also dealing with external companies. Moreover, the possibility to choose a consultancy project in the Summer allowed me to put into practise what I have learnt, gaining the experience of competing in the job market. 

This is a great experience to be lived. I suggest you leave your comfort zone and enjoy the time in an amazing international environment. I would recommend you try your best in all the challenges and create a good network of people which will reward you personally and give you the chance to deal with the job market all over the world.

My studies have been and will be pivotal for my career. The innovative and mixed structure of the course gives me a solid background and expertise for tackling new challenges in the new and fascinating world of data science.