Emily Jenkins

BA(Hons) Business Studies and Economics

United Kingdom

Emily Jenkins


Describe what your current job involves:


I’ve recently moved into a Key Account Manager role for GlaxoSmithKline, working in Specialised Respiratory. My role now will be to support the uptake of our severe asthma medicine across the Midlands. Recently, due to COVID-19, this has also meant supporting with the implementation of services including homecare for patients to be able to continue with their treatment in a home setting. I have also over the past year been leading on the development and launch of a patient support app as part of our patient support programme, which has been very well received by patients and customers so far.

Briefly describe your career history to date (type of position and how you navigated this journey):

I initially secured a pharmaceutical marketing internship with GlaxoSmithKline in my final summer at University and after this 12-week internship secured a place on GSK’s Future leaders’ program. This led to a role as a Brand Manager with responsibilities including leading the patient support programme for the launch of the brand’s two new formulations.

In what way did your experiences at Stirling shape your career to date (academic studies, internships, study abroad, part-time work, volunteering)?

I made the most of the opportunities I had during my time at Stirling. I actively involved myself in multiple clubs and societies such as the Business Club and the Triathlon club, all of which I believe helped me with my employability. I travelled with the Business Club to both Amsterdam and Rome which gave me a fantastic insight into businesses and how they operate in other countries. Through my extra-curricular involvement, I was able to develop skills such as team-work, time management and leadership, which were especially benefited by my experiences in committee positions. As well as my positions in clubs and societies, I experienced being a course representative and student ambassador. With the help of the University’s Careers & Employability Service, I secured the internship at GSK which led to me being offered a place on GSK’s Future Leaders programme, which gave a huge boost to my career trajectory.

What advice would you give to current students in terms of preparing for your first job after graduation?

I would strongly advise any students to immerse themselves fully in the social side of university life. There is a club or society for everyone and through engaging in extra-curricular pursuits it is possible to forge both great friendships and unforgettable experiences. As well as being a lot of fun being a member of clubs and societies can help you to develop both professional and interpersonal skills.