Eilidh McIntyre

BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science


Eilidh's Story

What first attracted you to choose the University of Stirling to study your course?

I knew that Stirling was renowned for its Sporting Excellence as well as having multitudes of sport lab facilities. The course was also heavily science based, which would allow me to analyse topics in more depth. It seemed to make sense that I chose to study here.

What are the benefits you found as a result of studying at Stirling?

The facilities at Stirling gave me the opportunities to expand my knowledge of vital topics in Sport Science. The modules that were taught each semester all connected to each other and allowed me to gain an in-depth knowledge of the topics that I studied.

What specific feature(s) did you like most about the course?

I liked that the course wasn’t solely looking at the application of Sport Science in an elite athlete setting. There were plenty of instances where we instead looked at how the subject can be used for the general public in various different settings such as cardiac rehabilitation and diabetes management. It reinforced that sport science isn’t only applicable to athletic environments, it can be used in a variety of different settings.

What impact you think your studies will have on your future career?

I think it will stand me in good stead for future careers in Sport Science as the course covered several different aspects of Sport Science in considerable depth, therefore I have versatility with my knowledge. I also got the opportunity to use more advanced testing equipment such as DXA scanners and Kin-Coms, which are used heavily in sport science research.