Alireza Khorakian

PhD Management


'Why I wanted to do a PhD'

During my Masters degree, I completed a research project in Innovation Management. This experience caused me to ask more questions and I became interested in pursuing my research at higher levels in the field of innovation, change and risk management. After considering a number of universities with expertise in Innovation and Risk Management, I identified the University of Stirling as a good place for achieving my goals.

'My experience of doing a PhD in Stirling Management School'

I can say that University of Stirling is the best place for studying. It offers all of the facilities that a student would need to study without any worries. The campus is very beautiful, peaceful, quiet and easily accessible with excellent facilities such as the swimming pool, gym, several places to eat and a very useful library. Stirling Management School in particular, has the best staff ever who is willing to help, advise and support the students from day one to the graduation day and beyond, and most of them I still keep contact with regularly, informally and also through Stirling’s strong alumni connections. Since leaving Stirling I continue to collaborate with my supervisor, writing several published papers based on my PhD research.

'How doing a PhD helped my career'

My PhD from such a renowned UK university has certainly increased my personal credit, helping me to establish myself in the international research community of Innovation Management. In addition, during my studies I worked was a teaching assistant in the University of Stirling, developing my practical teaching experience. This strong combination has enabled me to gain a good post as an Assistant Professor at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, a highly respected university in my country, Iran. My PhD was the starting point for a serious and intellectually satisfying academic career.