Brian Ho

MLitt in Philosophy

Hong Kong

Having completed my B.A. in Philosophy and Translation at the University of Hong Kong, I joined the St Andrews/Stirling Joint Programme in Philosophy to do my M.Litt degree. I then went on to do my PhD and I have been a member of the Stirling Philosophy Department ever since.

The Programme is renowned and well-regarded for its excellence in teaching and research, and I am glad to say it lived up to my expectations. Staff were helpful and friendly; as were my fellow postgraduate students who were great friends to me. Studying and trying to pursue an academic career in a foreign country can be tough, but fortunately the Department has made me feel welcome, both professionally and personally, since my first day here.

As a PhD student I am working hard to prepare myself for an academic career, and I am fortunate to work in an environment that offers so much support in this regard. From weekly seminars to supervisions, from opportunities to work as a teaching assistant to attending conferences held and organized by the Department, my time here has been stimulating and fruitful. I am confident that this experience will contribute to my future career.

I am particularly impressed by how easy it is to approach all members of staff here to talk about your work, your career plan or any other academic and professional matter. It is by no means an exaggeration to say that I really feel at home here and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Programme to anyone who wants to do postgraduate work in Philosophy.