Meem Tasnim

BA Business Studies and Marketing


Meem Tasnim

Meem's Story

I picked Business Studies and Marketing at the University of Stirling due to its high rankings. I also liked the flexibility of the Business Studies course as I was able to complete a combined honours degree with one of the selection of complementary subjects.

At the Open Day, I absolutely loved the campus with the beautiful greenery and the lake, alongside the overall sense of community as the people and staff there are so friendly and approachable!

As part of my combined honours degree, I enjoyed studying the Marketing modules the most and wanted to specialise in it in the future. I enjoyed learning about different theories and concepts, including analysing global trends that impact organisations, complexities that supply chain managers face and theoretical aspects of branding and communications. I also liked the modules that focused on personal and academic development, such as CV and cover letters, interview skills, my characteristics and personality traits.

I achieved the My Stirling Gold Award during my second year – a year-long award scheme designed by the University of Stirling which recognises skills developed through extra-curricular activities. This involved completing 100 hours of extra-curricular activities through working part-time at Debenhams, volunteering at a local British Heart Foundation, attending events and workshops hosted by the Careers Service and volunteering as a Module Representative for the Retail Studies module. This award enabled me to gain essential interpersonal and work-related skills such as time management.

During my final year, I was appointed as a Student Ambassador to represent the University of Stirling. This involved promoting the various degree courses and the university experience through Virtual Open Days, social media campaigns and virtual business studies sessions.

During my time at the University of Stirling, I had the pleasure of completing three internships through the Stirling Internship Programme. The purpose of the programme is to advertise paid internships that are exclusively available for Stirling students or graduates.

The first internship that I completed was as a student Intern at the University of Stirling, supporting the professional services staff on the undergraduate Nursing course. I gained teamwork experience, as well as skills in verbal and written communication and administration.

The second internship was a Marketing and Administration intern (remote internship) with Old Plean Roofing. My main role was to manage the company’s social media channels by creating posts and monitoring engagement levels. This involved utilising various software to create and analyse posts and engagement levels such as Hootsuite, Canva and Google Analytics.

The third internship that I completed was a Marketing Strategy and Creative Assistant (remote internship) with Cooper Cottages. My main responsibilities were to create marketing campaigns through Facebook, Google and Bing paid advertisements, social media and blogs. Following my internships at Old Plean Roofing and Cooper Cottages, I was kept on and worked with these companies part-time along with my studies.

I also applied for the Saltire Scholar Internship Programme. It's a world-class internship programme aimed at university students in their penultimate year of study. It matches students with commercially valuable projects hosted by companies in Scotland and around the world. I learned about the programme at a workshop held by the Career and Employability Services at the University of Stirling. I thought it was a fantastic opportunity and a chance to develop skills and knowledge that would benefit me professionally, personally and academically!

This internship was with JTECH Medical, a company based in Utah, USA as a Marketing Strategist (virtual internship). It is a unique opportunity to network with other Saltire alumni and global companies. Working with an international company, I have experienced both a different culture and working in another time zone!

Throughout my studies, I made friends through the lectures and seminars that I attended for my modules. It’s incredibly easy to make friends at Stirling, as everyone is so friendly and there are so many people that share common interests. I’m incredibly lucky to have made the friends that I've made and that I consider lifelong friends!

My goal is to work in a global company within the marketing industry and this course has ultimately served as a stepping stone into a fulfilling marketing career.