Dengyu Shen

MSc Finance


With great expectation and excitement I arrived in central Scotland and Stirling. From the first sight I fell in love with the gorgeous campus, magnificent buildings and facilities with harmony between humans and nature. 

The well-designed courses on MSc Finance ensure that every student can obtain the integrated and up-to-date financial skills, both theoretical and practical, no matter whether they have experience in finance or are new to the area, as I was. Without a background in finance, I worked hard and the University Library became the second home for me during the whole year, where I highly recommend the small study rooms as it is a fantastic place for study with beautiful views. For international students I should also highlight the great support available from the International Student Officer as well as the teaching and administrative staff, all of which ensure the life of overseas students is easier. 

After graduating I started my career in finance by entering the Jones Lang LaSalle Sallmanns in the position of analyst where I focus on valuation work related to IPOs such as preferred shares, convertible bonds, employee share option plans and intangibles assets. In addition, I decide to further boost my professional knowledge by taking the CFA examinations as the MSc Finance has also helped prepare me for these. 

Studying the MSc Finance in Stirling paved a way for my future development in the financial sector.