Anabel Sinclair

BSc (Hons) Mathematics

United Kingdom

Annabel Sinclair

Anabel's Story

The maths lecturers are very friendly, the mathematics department was so inviting, and I have felt really happy here. Stirling is a really simple stress free city that is perfect fit for people moving from small towns. Everything you could possibly need is on campus. There is a sense of community here, whether it be in the maths department, societies, accommodation or sports teams. You always feel welcome and there is always somewhere to go to be social. The teachers make an effort to get to know you and can adapt to your learning style.

The range of useful mathematics we have studied is immense. The lecturers are continually striving to motivate us to do well, and there are so many opportunities to focus on your strengths while working to develop your weaknesses with those who know how to help. If you just put in some effort and enthusiasm you can get the grades and the career you want from Stirling. There are opportunities to take extra modules in subjects you might have considered and so there are options to look at other career paths when you aren’t sure.

I would advise future students to get to know the lecturers if you can, they are experts, and usually up for a chat and to give some course pointers. The classes are small in the maths department so everyone can get to know each other so there is always help to be found. I now have a strong CV and I am qualified for a wide range of careers. I have gained life skills and social skills as well as my degree.