Kelly Clark

BAcc (Hons) Accountancy and Finance

I always knew I would be attending the University of Stirling because I was offered a position at the National Performance Centre for Women’s Football which, at the time, was situated in Stirling. However, I never knew what I wanted to study. During 5th year of high school I did research into the different courses available to me and attended events such as open days. I felt that accountancy and finance was a degree with the potential to keep me interested and motivated, plus the Management School’s impressive record would give me the best chance of employment with a big firm upon graduating.

Stirling is a great place to start ‘adult life’. The campus is beautiful and the atmosphere created by the students makes it a joy to attend. Everyone is in the same situation and there is just a nice feel to the place. There is no daunting experience like there may be when moving to a large city, and both Glasgow and Edinburgh are within a reasonable distance and easily accessed.

The course covers such a broad range of topics that keep your interest and motivation. The class size is not too large and there are not too many lecturers. This makes it so much easier to ask for help during class if you do not understand something. The small number of lecturers is a huge advantage as well. During the four years you get to know the lecturers and you build relationships with them. They are all very helpful no matter how big or small the issue is and the division as a whole is very well run. There is also a class which covers personal financial matters, it is very helpful for the future and gives in depth knowledge on matters such as pensions and mortgages, issues which very few young adults really understand.

University is not easy, you get out of it exactly what you put into it. University is a great four years of your life and I advise you make the most of it, even though the thought of a wage at the end is exciting.

My studies have prepared me for life in the professional world. I have knowledge in so many fields covered by the profession that I know I will not be restricted to one job for the rest of my life. I have learnt how to deal with the pressure of work deadlines (multiple deadlines on the same day!) and most importantly I have learnt how to deal with the pressure that I put on myself to perform well, this will help me succeed in my future.